Not all Montessori Schools are the same!

It is critical, therefore, that you assess a few schools before selecting one for your child. We recommend that you take your time to visit a few schools to observe their classrooms in action, paying particular attention to teacher-children interactions to assess the skills of the staff as well as if they truly follow the Montessori method.

Reading about Montessori education before your visit will help you ask relevant questions to understand if they are an authentic Montessori school and whether they actually pay attention to each child’s individualistic development. You may review our blogs categorized as Montessori Topics to get an understanding of the elements of Montessori education.

Here is our recommendation for what you should do before selecting our school for your child:

  1. Call us on 905-727-7181. Have your first impression on the phone. Alternately, email us for more information at
  2. Come by for a visit. Feel free to drop in impromptu during work cycles (8:45 am to 11:45 am) to get a real sense of the classroom.
  3. Arrange for an observation of our classroom: We encourage you to observe between (9:15 am and 11:15am) for about 20 minutes to get a real sense of how the classroom functions. Take notes and after your observation, the directress will step aside to answer your questions.
  4. We are passionate about Montessori education and firmly believe the foundation it provides for holistic development of our young children. Please ask a lot of questions to understand what we offer and our differentiation.
  5. Take a few days to think about your options. If you are convinced, register your child with us and we will nurture him or her as one of our own. Rest assured that your child will be attending one of the safest and caring learning environments in Canada.