Cursive Writing – Natural for a child


Myth: Printing is easier to learn as children often get confused with cursive.

An authentic Montessori classroom introduces children to cursive writing as cursive follows the child’s natural ability to scribbles in continuous circles. Dr. Montessori’s understood this a 100 years ago through her observation of children from across the globe. She simply…

Three – The Montessori Magic Number


The importance of THREE in a Montessori Classroom

The number three is a magic number in authentic Montessori classrooms. For parents looking to choose a proper Montessori school, the qualities outlined below are good indicators that set an authentic Montessori school apart from other schools. Here are the…

My Personal Experience (A student’s perspective)


“Montessori gave me the chance to discover my surroundings on my own that truly helped shape me to be the person I am today.”

When I attended Church Street Montessori, it was located on Bloomington Road and was under the name Bloomington Montessori. Some of the same teachers who taught me are still teaching at the current location. My time at Montessori gave me…