Holiday Lunch 2014 – Our holiday treat for families

Proudly hosted by our children

Our Annual Holiday Lunch on December 5th was an event that brought together every element of what a true Montessori is all about – going beyond the academics to provide the foundation for holistic development of our children. Children were involved in the planning and execution of the event at every step of the way. Each child was involved in making gifts at our pottery workshop, wrapping them, discussing and deciding the menu, going to the store to buy things for the event, preparing food, decorating and setting up the tables.

Our guests were invited in two sittings. While one group of families and their children sat to eat, the other group of children served our hungry guests with what they prepared – cheese and crackers, celery with cream cheese, tomatoes, vegetarian chili and candy apples. Parents were amazed to experience our children hosting the event with so much pride and enthusiasm – even our 2.5-year-old children served food to the guests.

It was an absolutely warm and wonderful event for the families. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have helped and supported us through the year and the families that graced us with their presence at the event. Wish you all A Joyful Holiday Season and A Very Happy 2015!

Here are some of the memorable images from our Holiday lunch event.